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Conveyor Idler



Conveyor Ilder used as the support for the conveyor belt. Sorting according to the function, there are many types as following

1. Standard Trough Ilder   2.Standard Flat Idler   3. Various Training Idlers

4.Various Impact Idler      5.Offset Trough Idler   6.Various V Ilders

7. Sprial Cleaning Roller   8. Comb Cleaning Rollder

All the Ilder & roller are dustproof and waterproof , all tolerances meet the national standards.

They have lower TIR(<= 0.3MM), lower rotating resistance (<=0.002), longer life ( 30,000 hours damage rate<=8%)


Popular Model No & Specification

The model no  for belt width 650mm, 800mm& 1000mm is the most popular

Other specification is needed, please contact us by sales@dongkunchina.com